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Another┬ácontroversial one, this time. Swayze (best first name ever?) Foster, better known as Unnatural Vegan is a prolific Vegan YouTuber who has amassed a following of some 70k over the last few years. Why do I say controversial? Well, her approach is pretty unique in that it’s decidedly un-sympathetic. What I mean by this, is that she doesn’t really ever mention animal suffering in anything more than a passing comment. Her MO is logic and facts and figures and this can come across as pretty damn cold. Indeed, her incentive to go vegan way back in 2006 was health and weight management motivated, though the ethics came in soon after.

She has rubbed other vegan YouTubers up the wrong way with some of her straight down the line, some would say emotionless videos, but you have to give it to her for lack of bullshit. She delivers the information in a well-informed and succinct way. Ok, you wouldn’t exactly call her an animal activist (you’ll never see her make a video simply to slam any non-vegans, like other people we could mention *coughfreeleecough*) but isn’t there room for all kinds of vegans in the world of YouTube? I think so, and quite frankly, now that Vegan Gains has gone off the deep end, I think she’ll be knocking his 2nd place spot in my weekly vegan vid watching sessions.

So, one of the things that seems to bug people about Unnatural Vegan is that she’ll knock an argument out of the park even if it’s a pro-vegan one. This seems to be the source of any YT conflict that occurs with her videos. She doesn’t promote carnism or vegetarianism, she simply doesn’t blindly support vegan arguments if she doesn’t see a good reason to. Case in point, her assessment of Furious Pete’s cancer diagnosis and the meat-cancer link bandwagon that some vegans jumped on.

So, aside from a little controversy courting, Swayze’s informational videos, such as the one below about soy, made amidst the recent uproar, are really damn good. You know I’m all about the back up and she doesn’t disappoint.

Stay tuned for more of my favourite Unnatural Vegan vids.

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