Kat Von D is going full vegan

Photo Credit: katvondbeauty.com
Photo Credit: katvondbeauty.com

For those out of the loop, Kat Von D has taken a bit of flack from vegans in the last year or so. Proclaiming to be 100% cruelty-free and dropping the v-word into the mix has seen the tattoo artist-turned-makeup mogul at the centre of disputes about what it is to be truly cruelty-free. She answered her critics with the following statement (and also a very long and honest YouTube video).

“although my makeup line has NEVER tested on animals and never will, I am proud to say that I am currently in the process of reformulating a few of my products so that my entire line can be 100% Vegan. In the meantime, I thought all my environmentally-conscious followers would appreciate knowing that the formula for the Studded Kiss Lipstick Collection is already Vegan!”

Credit where it’s due, she hasn’t hidden or backed away from facing the harsh words of the vegan beauty-loving community. Will we see her line truly transformed into all vegan products? Watch this space. For now, you can check out which of her products are vegan on this useful section of her website. Oh, and here is that lipstick she’s talking about. We highly recommend!

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