My own vegan story


It seems kind of a rite of passage for everyone behind any vegan agenda to tell the story of how they became vegan. That’s all well and good, but it does annoy me when such a song and dance is made about the ‘journey’ they took to get there. For me, it was not a journey and I don’t believe it should be one. You find out the truth…you stop taking part in the exploitation of animals. If anything, it’s what comes after that could best be referred to as a journey.

For me, I simply grew less and less comfortable with the idea of eating meat. It got to the point that I just felt bad about it every time I did it. So, I thought, screw it, no more meat then, and I went vegetarian. Of course I then started reading up on vegetarian dishes, issues, etc., and of course, veganism came up a lot. It was then that I learnt of the horrors within the egg and dairy industries. And that was it. I was educated. I was disgusted. I was vegan. It was as simple as that.

The ‘journey’ bit comes after. Going vegan does make you feel different. It does make you think differently and you see the world and the people in it in a different way. It changes you. But my point is, you have to go vegan first. That’s the first step in the journey. It’s not the destination.

Sorry for the long absence. Life got a bit mad but it’s all calmed to a panic and there will now be regular content flowing about the place. Thanks for sticking with us! And as always, if you want us to write on a certain subject or even if you’d like to write something yourself, then get in touch.

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