Vegan Fashion is the only fashion that gives back instead of taking

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One of the industries that I hate more than most (and I hate a lot) is fashion. Well, it was, until I went vegan and discovered a whole host of vegan fashion chains that are finally doing that which ‘conventional’ fashion chains never have. That is, they give back to the world.

Fashion takes and takes and takes. It doesn’t give anything back. Animals are skinned alive for fur trim on coats, kids are bullied at school if they can’t afford the latest ‘in’ brand kicks, and workers in developing countries are horribly exploited. It benefits nothing of any substance in the world.

That is, unless you stick with vegan brands. So, here are some of my faves that are definitely worth a look-see. Vegan fashion has come a long way in recent years and is going from strength to strength. If you support it, you are doing something awesome, whether you’re vegan or not. 

For Bags check out Wilby. Their Drayton collection is gorgeous! 

Shoes – It’s no secret I love Beyond Skin.

Faux Fur – Shrimps is a quirky UK based company.

Tees – If you’re after some cool T-shirts then check out Black Score. The site is cool and all, but it’s a teeny bit chaotic so I’ve linked straight to the products section.

Super chic – Vegan fashion is far flung from the days of hemp moo moos. There are some seriously sophisticated, cruelty free brands out there and Adolfo Dominguez is up there. 

These are just my own picks. I may one day have the guts to ‘model’ some items on here but hopefully I can find someone better biologically equipped to do that before that time!

There’s also a decent list on PETA’s site for more options.

So have a look and consider making that extra bit of effort to speak volumes with your money.

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